Icom Wireless Technologies (OPC)private Limited represent a rapidly emerging area of growth and importance for providing ubiquitous access to the network for all of the campus community. Students, faculty and staff increasingly want un-tethered network access from general-purpose classrooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, and even the hallways of campus buildings.

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Why Optical fibre and wireless technology ?



Optical fibre and wireless technology enables better communication, enhances productivity and enables better customer service. A Wireless LAN allows users to access information beyond their desk, and conduct business anywhere within their offices.

Wireless LAN means your businesses most important asset - your people - are better connected, assisting productivity, enabling faster decision making, and reducing the costs of doing business.



Wireless LAN's are faster and easier to deploy than cabled networks.

Optical fibre and wireless technology eliminates the needs for complex cabling and construction, and installation can take place without taking your cabled network offline, ensuring minimum disruption for employees.



Optical fibre and wireless technology are well suited to many environments.

As an extension to a wired network it allows access anywhere within your building. For difficult to cable locations such as heritage buildings or sites where new wiring can't be laid for structural reasons, Optical fibre and wireless technology is ideal.

For temporary office connectivity Optical fibre and wireless technology makes sense.



The initial costs of implementing a wireless LAN compares favorably to traditional cabled networks.

Network total costs of ownership can be significantly lower with Optical fibre and wireless technology when compared to wired.


ACCESSIBILITY – in the World

Many sites in the world now offer high speed internet and secure network access.

Airports, hotels, coffee shops and convention centres are just a few places where hotspot access is available.

Hotspots are being deployed in many public places worldwide. To connect to a hotspot all you need is a wirelessly enabled laptop or handheld. Wi-Fi makes it easier to be connected when travelling interstate and overseas. Wi-Fi means unprecedented freedom for users.



Wireless LAN enables employee productivity. Wireless LAN can turbo charge your productivity and is fun. Once you experience Wireless LAN, it's unlikely you'll want to use cables again.


Optical fibre and wireless technology Benefits

We believe that deploying optical fibre and wireless technology in our present enterprise can literally revolutionize the way to do business. Cost savings and productivity gains that can truly unlock our workforce's potential and translate to bottom-line results. Here is a list of the many benefits can realize by deploying Optical fibre and wireless technology solutions in our organization.

Time savings
Better workgroup collaboration
Better responsiveness
Increased competitive advantage
Productivity gains
Reducing errors
Quicker decision-making
Easier to set up
Improved their image
More efficient use of space
Easier adds, moves, changes
Lower maintenance costs
Easier to set up networks
Better customer or patient care
Lower cabling costs
Easier to set up networks

Challenges in Enterprise network can be grouped into these key areas:

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Network performance is a frequent issue in many networks. Cost considerations make buying bandwidth not a preferred solution to fix performance issues.

In the meantime, techniques from architectural and design issues such as traffic engineering and traffic management has gained popularity and slowly defeats the idea of natural benefits from bandwidth upgrades. Enterprises may employ techniques to improve traffic and enjoy savings from upgrades at the same time. However, those benefits come with one caveat: knowledge and experience.

Individual component upgrade of network functions or services either in WAN or LAN yields minimum benefits for any end to end performance. Performance issues are largely due to the weakest link or component in any network. Identifying and solving them is usually a difficult task.


Downtime in today's network is not only due to carriers' circuit failures but also many other factors prevalent at physical, logical and procedural levels of the network. Serious network downtime occurs partly due to failure to arrive at a quality solution that addresses all physical and logical considerations before identifying and proposing solution to mediate network issues.

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Enterprise network should effortlessly support Enterprise business growth objectives and direction. As mergers & acquisitions (M & As) need to happen quickly and effectively, networking technology also needs to enable variable change to an enterprise network to assist with adjusting to business size. In planning context, selecting appropriate technology is a vital consideration in delivering Enterprise networks that caters to variable change.


Tools alone have so far never defeated any security issues. Tools always remain a mean no as powerful as correct network architectural designs and planning. By laying down effective and correct network architectural design and tabling holistic planning, most of those attacks may be countered with minimum security tools.

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Support & Maintenance

In enterprise network at any time you will find products that carry corporate traffic have been EOL or EOS. Changes to this product are not welcomed by network operation teams. Users suffer from this inability to change and provide fixes to reported problems. Most time piece meal patch applied over time causes the network to be even more and more complex. That makes the task of maintaining networks even harder.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Even though companies are paying large amount of money to retain and manage Enterprise network to be their strategic weapon in gaining competitive edge but the network complexity, down time and slow performance has undermine their effort and intentions.

Gaiety solves Enterprise Networking issues by adhering to well established and practiced Networking methodologies and beset practices. Gaiety engagement involves phases of:

• Network assessment to establish network baseline and suggest short term fixes.

• Network Architecture and Design that takes enterprise business needs and map oust end to end network design based application and network objectives.

• Procurement phase: Gaiety helps clients in negotiation strategy, developing RFP requirements and in technical selection via PCO and Pilot testing.

• Implementation: Migrating from current networked environment into well architected and designed that resilient and meets the business goals.

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Why Icom Wireless Technologies (OPC) private Limited

Strong base in Network operation center, Technical staff
24 Hrs Support and Service
Value added service – Remote Server Management, Voice & Video solutions etc.
Bandwidth-on Demand
Scheme change overnight policy
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No additional cost on data transfer
QOS, Intelligent Routing policy based on IP and Mac Filtering
Duel Backup (Fiber and Satellite) ensuring higher uptime
Uptime guarantee of 99% overall
Experienced in Wireless Internet and Network Management.

How we are the different from others

Comparison of ISP service connection over other Service providers

I-COM Service connection
Other service providers
Bandwidth on Demand Client can upgrade additional bandwidth for specific time on demand Not Available
Bandwidth upgrade or degrade Client can upgrade or degrade bandwidth on any day of month and shall be billed on prorate Only possible on one month notice in advance
Value Added Total support on Linux –QOS, Internet Bandwidth management, IP filtering, Network monitoring. VIOP, VOD ?
Data Upload & Download No Limit ?
Speed Dedicative Speed ?

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We provide wired connection since the use of optical fiber offers much higher data rates over relatively longer distances.

Excellence in providing state-of-the-art digital communications with very affordable data package.
Karthi Rajan
It also has basic services and more than a few other nice features with Most high-capacity Internet
Muniraja Velumani
Best internet service providers to the customer providing service with high speed internet to each and every desk.
Bala krishnan

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